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The Advanced Boot Options Menu In Windows 8

Restart Windows 8

     Windows troubleshoot menu

Microsoft Corporation, the World’s biggest Software maker, once introduced its first Windows operating environment. Since then, the company has never looked back. Windows was an instant success, and even today, millions of customers and fans run this operating system on their computers. What made Windows so great is its graphical interface, usability and tons of applications and features. Microsoft has seen to it that every new edition of the Windows series is better than the previous one, with enhanced features and better technology. Windows 8, one of the latest editions, has revamped many previous features to accommodate a new style of graphical interface. This new style is Tile-based, and better suits touch-based systems. Microsoft has introduced this new style to encourage the use of touch-screen devices, and for slowly phasing out older desktop PCs.

Windows 8 is replete with many new features. However, in this article, we will discuss a particularly interesting feature of Windows 8 – the advanced boot option menu. This amazing feature resets Internet Explorer configurations to their primary or initial settings, when you first installed the Internet Explorer.

Windows 8 advanced boot option menu provides many new features like the quick configuration option, and several other great features, enhancing the overall options for users as well as administrators. The Choose an option menu allows you to select Continue to use Windows 8, Use another operating system, you will be able to troubleshoot your computer with advanced options, and just Turning Off your system. You can restart Windows 8 for using the Advanced boot options.

You will see that the troubleshoot menu has Refresh and Reset options

  • Refresh your PC – In case your computer is not running smoothly, you can refresh it without actually losing any files.
  • Reset your PC: You can remove all your files by using this functionality. This will reset your PC completely.

You will be able to access the following tools with advanced options from troubleshooting page

  • System Restore: You will be able to use a restore point that has been recorder on your PC to restore Windows.
  • System Image Recovery: You will be able to recover Windows using a particular system image file.
  • Automatic Repair: This is an excellent feature that helps to fix problems that prevents normal loading of Windows.

    Advanced boot options

    Windows 8 advanced boot options

  • Command Prompt: You can use the Command Prompt for advanced troubleshooting
  • Startup Settings: This will enable you to change Windows Startup Behavior. You need to restart Windows 8 to change the options.

This is some information on the advanced boot options menu in Windows 8. Get assistance with this by contacting MS tech support.

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