Skype As A Built-In App In Windows 8.1

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Skype can be termed as a messaging service devised by Microsoft that is provided free of charge, but users would have to pay for the advanced features. Earlier Microsoft used to launch a program called Windows messenger with XP, which was later dropped when Windows Live Essentials in Vista and Windows 7 were launched. It came pre-loaded with most the systems. Eventually, Microsoft included a messaging service app along with the Windows 8, which was considered the most advanced among the existing operating systems. This happened due to the advent of a new trend in Windows Phone, which forced Microsoft to include the new messaging app as one of the core apps in Windows 8.

Now, Microsoft has declared that the Windows 8.1 operating system would be included with the Skype messenger, which would prove to be a boon for many. It means that Messaging would indeed join Windows Messenger and Windows Live Messenger, and would be removed from Windows 8.1 operating system, only to be replaced by Skype. This will eventually force the users to uninstall Windows 8, and wait to install Windows 8.1.

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The latest version of Windows 8.1 does not include a separate messaging app, as it was present in the earlier versions. According to Microsoft, Skype is a part of the Microsoft family of apps and hence Skype would be pre-loaded to the latest devices. However, Microsoft also offers an option to the users to uninstall the Skype application if they desire to replace it with another app. Hence, the main difference lies in the fact that unlike in the earlier versions of the operating system, the user does not need to download the Skype app. The users can also customize the Start screen and can choose to remove the app file from their main screen like any in-the-box app. The fact is that the users have not seen much reason for the Messaging app. Microsoft is seeing the integration of Skype along with the Windows 8.1 as a stepping-stone on their path to creating more user-friendly apps. This would prove to be convenient for most of the users and they would even think to uninstall Windows 8 from their system.

Hence, it is certain that with the inclusion of Skype in Windows 8.1, people would stop using the messaging service and go for the advanced and sophisticated features of Skype, at least on the desktops.