How to use Flash player in Windows 8

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The free software which is used to view video and audio content on your web browser is called flash player. It is developed by the Adobe Corporation. Sometimes it is not necessary that you will be able to view multimedia content on your web browser. It is because their might be some issues with your flash player. Some of the Windows 8 problems are the issues regarding flash player. Internet Explorer is available in Windows 8 in two types. Th first one is the one which is the Internet Explorer in the Windows store mode and the other the normal Internet Explorer which you may be familiar with the previous versions of Windows. If you find problems while you are watching multimedia content, perform the following steps

  • Open the Internet Explorer in the Desktop Mode and check if multimedia content can be played on it.
  • In Desktop mode if it cannot be played, Active X Filtering option has to be disabled and then flash player has to be enabled. If still the problem persists then install the latest version of flash player which can be downloaded from adobe website.

Media Content on Desktop Mode

Internet explorer in desktop mode can be used to view multimedia content if it does not play in Windows store mode. To see if the content can be played in desktop mode

  • Firstly, the application bar has to be viewed. The application bar can be viewed if you swipe from the bottom or top edge
  • Click on the ‘View On Desktop Mode’ from the tools menu. Now the desktop mode is made available and checks whether the content is playable.

How to Disable ActiveX Filtering

Click on ‘tools’ option from the internet explorer in the desktop mode. Click on ‘safety’ and disable the Active X filtering option. Check whether you are able to view the content after closing the web browser and re opening it.

How to enable Flash Player

To view high quality multimedia content you need to install flash player. In the desktop mode open the internet explorer and open the page which contains multimedia content. Select the option Manage add ons from the settings menu. Enable the ‘Shock wave Flash Object’ which is the add-on for flash player and close it.  

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Latest version

Most high quality content available in the internet now needs the latest version of flash player installed. To check whether you have the latest version of flash player installed, visit the find version document to see which version of flash player is currently installed on your PC.

If you still have any issues with your flash player windows support will provide assistance on all your Windows 8 problems